Now that I’m back to my hotel and have washed the beer out of my camera case, I can finally make a blog post and upload some photos- it’s been that kind of night.

Thankfully the camera and the memory cards weren’t harmed; ironically, it was posing for a group photo that resulted in the aforementioned spilt beer.

Today started with me eating breakfast and going back to bed.  All this timezone jumping had to catch up to me at some point.  In the afternoon I traveled to a local beer garden and ordered the meatballs and potatoes, which Yelp! informed me were delicious.  Somehow I ended up with pork, dumplings, and coleslaw, but it was incredibly delicious, so who cares?

I later met up with most of the wedding party for Greek food, which turned into drinks at the local Irish Pub.  Twas a good night, and we were able to give M33p (see previous post for explanation) a good sendoff the night before his wedding.

Day 5 photos:

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