Day 4 consisted of a cab ride to the airport with two other mystery passengers and a driver that looked like he was about to rob a bank or on some really good amphetamines.  I think he was nervous that someone would bust his multi-passenger scheme, he had the meter off and charged us each for what was probably the cost for a single rider to the airport.  Oh well, I got to the airport on time and technically it didn’t cost me extra.

The flight to Frankfurt was surprisingly easy.  I had a bacon and cheese omelette, some delicious coffee before boarding, and sat next to very friendly American and Australian people; it set me off on a good track for the morning.   I’m thankful for the good start because the afternoon took some funky turns: my train from Frankfurt to Stuttgart was cancelled and I had to navigate the language barrier, a local train and then a regional train to get back on track.  #literally

I met up with my buddy M33p* and his friend at the train station, got cleaned up at the hotel, and met up with everyone for dinner.  We had decent sushi in Stuttgart, served by a waitress that didn’t speak German, English, or Japanese- trust me when I say it was an adventure.  Afterward we took the train to the Schlossplatz (Palace Square) and enjoyed a beer and some ice cream.

There aren’t enough pics to justify a Google Plus album, so I’ve added them below.

*We call him M33p (meep!) because when he doesn’t agree with something he unknowingly emits a little squeal/squeak, like Beaker. Besides, using a pseudonym means I can publish information about him without asking his permission, and I’m really lazy.

It’s really awesome how Germans just hang out in plazas and enjoy the open air and their city.






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