I finally found a good reason and some time to post something to PlanetJK! Woo! #SelfHighFive 2015-06-28 02.29.25

Can you tell I’m low on sleep?  I just got off the redeye flight to Iceland, I’m stopping here for a few days of Viking fun on my way to Germany to see my good buddy Mat (with one T).

<g33k talk>I’m still having a problem with WordPress auto-updates killing my entire site, simply because I chose to host my wp-core in a subfolder and not the root.  If it’s a supported feature, why does something critical like an auto-update defeat it so easily? Granted, it’s easy to fix: edit the index.php to reflect the proper subfolder, but that requires tools and access, which can be tough to get to- like when traveling through Europe. #firstworldproblems I know, I know.</g33k talk>

In closing, I’m going to use PlanetJK to post some updates and photos from the trip.  I’m reliant solely on WiFi but it’s pretty prevalent in Europe and I should have time most nights.  Stay tuned for more adventures!

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