I’m trying out two new things tonight: Plated.com’s Home Food Delivery and Blogging Again.  It’s a bit of a mish mash, so please bear with me.  It’s worth it:

2014-12-03 22.24.44


I’ve tried one other food delivery service before, Diet To Go, but it’s quite a bit different.  Instead of prepared meals that only need to be warmed up, Plated sends you the ingredients and lets you fend for yourself in the kitchen, which I actually really like.  Diet To Go got monotonous pretty quickly and cooking in a microwave all the time just grates on me.  I enjoy being in the kitchen and I have some of my own recipes that I’ve bashed together over the years, but my strongest culinary skill is +10 Dirty Dishes.

I hadn’t heard of Plated at all before stumbling across an ad about two weeks ago.  The ordering process was a bit confusing regarding which meals I had chosen, but the $24 price for 3 delicious-sounding meals of 2 servings each, no shipping and no tax, was tough to beat.  That breaks down to a $4 meal, folks!  That’s pretty amazeballs for something fresh and healthy delivered to your door.

Regarding the blogging side of things, I have a tendency to go overboard on the details.  I’m a details guy, I like the big picture- but this is (still) the blogosphere and you want your content fast and furious so you can go back to kittens and ratchet poses.  Speaking of kittens, here’s Billie Jean with a quick Holiday Public Service Announcement…

And with that, I’ll try to cut down on the content and focus on the specifics, with plenty of hopefully delicious pics (or it didn’t happen).

On to the unboxing…

2014-12-03 19.20.14
“This is your moment of glory!” I’m a sucker for advertising, obviously- I liked seeing this when I came home.









2014-12-03 20.10.03
This is packed impressively well
The meat was packed specifically between two large, still frozen ice packs.
The meat was packed specifically between two large, still frozen ice packs.

The box itself was packed impressively well and wasn’t a pain to open.  The meat was packed specifically between two large, still frozen ice packs.  Bonus: I now own two more large ice packs and some pretty solid reflective packing material- thanks Plated.  The meat was almost thawed, but I didn’t get home until ~1800 and opened the box around 1930, so I’m to blame a bit for that.

Here’s the whole spread, laid out on the counter and stove:

2014-12-03 20.56.45

Every package has a label indicating which recipe it belongs to; I tossed everything but the subject ingredients into the frig.  In retrospect I could/should maybe have tossed them in the freezer.

Tilapia and Coconut Curry with Eggplant and Spinach

I uploaded the front and back of the recipe card so you can see what I’m working from.  It’s getting late so I’m going to publish an image gallery of the rest of the photos and go to bed.  If this post gets a little love on teh interwebs I’ll come back and add in details for the rest of the sections below.

Cook Prep

Published later if requested


Published later if requested


Published later if requested

Plating and Tasting

Published later if requested

Pros, Cons, and Recommendations

Published later if requested


Delicious and convenient, the Plated.com box allowed me to try new ingredients and recipes, which is huge for me.  The directions need some work, it was tough to find small details in “the heat of the moment” but I also didn’t read the whole recipe before starting, which Plated recommends.  More summary published later if requested.


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