I have 3-4* FREE tickets to ThinkGeek Trivia tomorrow.  @Shawniepants, B-rad, and I need a bigger team so the folks at ThinkGeek are awesome and letting us take our one spare ticket and stretch it to 3 to make it a full squad.   Do you have what it takes to join the Nerdgasm! Trivia squad?  (Mainly, the basic dexterity needed for clicking ‘Reply’?  We’re very strict.)

First come first serve, based on tweet responses or blog comments.  And if I could get a RT from @ThinkGeek that would certainly help. 🙂

* I say 3-4 because B-rad may not be joining us either.  So, 3 tix available with B-rad.  4 tix available without B-rad.  Cutoff time is 0800 EST tomorrow for B-rad to claim his ticket.

UPDATE, 2105 EST: B-rad confirmed.  And @Shawniepants found a friend to join the team.  2 tix left!

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