Ergo I’m going to make myself a little safer, by losing some weight. My plan is to attempt progressive goals each week, which avoids the shock treatment that I scurry from by easing into better habits. But yet it has an expiration date (the end of the month) so my long-term radar doesn’t freak out.

I’ve put on 10-15 pounds (depending on the scale I stand on) in the last three months. Without proliferating as to the psychology behind it, it’s time to reverse that trend. The point is to start out relatively slow but stay consistent and improve.

The fitness/diet gurus out there will balk at my goals, but here’s some advice: buzz off :). These are intended to be truly* realistic goals with cheat options built in, fully customized to my psyche.

Week 1
* 60 minutes on the elliptical
* 40 crunches
* 6 sets of PT ankle exercises
* 6 cheat meals
* Track 80% of food, incl. all cheat meals

Week 2
* 100 minutes on the elliptical
* 60 crunches
* 12 sets of PT ankle exercises
* 5 cheat meals
* Track 85% of food, incl. all cheat meals

Week 3
* 140 minutes on the elliptical
* 80 crunches
* 18 sets of PT ankle exercises
* 3 cheat meals
* Track 90% of food, incl. all cheat meals

Week 4
* 180 minutes on the elliptical
* 100 crunches
* 24 sets of PT ankle exercises
* 2 cheat meals
* Track 95% of food, incl. all cheat meals

In summary: increase physical exercises and tracking of food (via my MFP profile) while decreasing number of cheat meals. I’ve left them as weekly goals because that means I can choose to spread them out over the week and chip away at the goal or wait until the end of the week and go all Hercules. One option is wise, one option is lazy, and I think I’m kind of both of those. Actually, LazyWise is my 90’s Grunge Rock cover band. #rimshot

FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Help! Egg me on! Leave me comments here, or text me, or e-mail me, whatever. Or track me on Fitocracy. Ask me for a current weekly goal status: I’ll be able to brag or have to humbly admit my slackitude, but either way it will help motivate me!

* I’m not counting things like a cup of coffee w/ sugar and skim milk in the morning or a hershey kiss or slice of cheese a few times a week. I’m just not that anal. 😉

One thought on “June is National Safety Month”

  1. Yea! JK. Your safety is important to me, too. EGg EGG EGG (me egging you on). Good goals. You can do it. GO TEAM JK. Post a thinner picture of yourself on the frig, so u see it each time u open the door. Try a bag of sunflower seeds for that ‘something to munch’ feeling, with the shells. Love you JK. Mom

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