So, regarding this encrypted PDF…

I researched multiple articles. I tried strong PDF editing tools… no dice due to the encryption.

So I researched again. More articles. Downloaded one package- no dice. Downloaded another package and ran it from the command line:

jktuxbox@tuxbox:~$ cd _Temp/
jktuxbox@tuxbox:~/_Temp$ cd da4651/
jktuxbox@tuxbox:~/_Temp/da4651$ ls
jktuxbox@tuxbox:~/_Temp/da4651$ pdfcrack da4651_r.pdf
PDF version 1.2
Security Handler: Standard
V: 1
R: 2
P: 65476
Length: 40
Encrypted Metadata: True
FileID: c1f160e0774c3af7e6ec72fa7e0cd38b
U: 70b73f450d873ad7c04f2074fe7c7bb84c835c1ff2916515a1cb2e8fe1eb98d3
O: 9259aa1e352b3bf5d97b383d362d5b92f977aea287b2411706d0c759276bd4c8
found user-password: ‘ ‘

That’s right- the password to decrypt the file was one keypress of the spacebar. *Epic facepalm*

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