The photos from our first two days are finally starting to go into the Photo Album: Europe 2010: Days 1-2!

The internet access in The Netherlands was troublesome at best, but now that we’re in Stuttgart and using my buddy m33p’s stable (and impressive) network, I’m catching up a little on blog posts and photo uploads. We did this for our Honeymoon (article), and then the 2007 trip to London and Edinburgh (article / photos), and it’s really nice to be able to somewhat reconstruct the trip years later. Photos and blog posts can never replace true memories and experiences, but they definitely help capture the interesting nuances that fade away as blocks of memory get overwritten.

The first day of our trip was the start of the red-eye flight from Dulles International and didn’t produce any photo-worthy moments.

On Day 2 we landed in The Netherlands at 0800 and went to our hotel in The Hague. The early landing worked out well- we dropped luggage off at the hotel, walked around town for a bit, and checked in to the room early at around 1100. After a short nap (~ 1 hour) we headed out for lunch and to check out more of the town. First thing we noticed: the traffic patterns are nuts! Pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, trams, and taxis all share the same lanes and just adjust accordingly; bikes and trams have right of way. I still can’t believe we didn’t see any kind of accident- I’m impressed that a guy can ride a bicycle with no hands on the handlebars because he’s using them to smoke a cigarette and send a text message, all the while avoiding pedestrians, trams, scooters, and taxis. Crazy.

Enjoy the photos! If I manage to upload the 2 minute video we took on a busy street corner from a pub, I’ll update this post.

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