Even poor Yorick would agree: Too Human kicks arse. I recently e-mailed a friend a soliloquy for the sole purpose of attempting to convince him to try Too Human. It worked, and he dug his Xbox 360 out of the garage, and he digs the game. w00t. Here’s the photo and e-mail I sent:

My Too Human character

I’m attaching a photo (from this morning, natch) of my Too Human character. This is the Equip screen/ Weapons section. There’s also armor, runes, charms, weapons blueprints, and armor blueprints. My dude’s a level 7 Champion hoisting the Greatsword of Flame and can pull out his Ceremonial Carbine Rifle w/ plasma grenade launcher with just the pull of a trigger. I upgraded to the Greatsword after leveling up, before that I was swapping between the Ceremonial Quarter Staff, the Skewer of Haste, and the Maul of Pounding.

On his noggin he wears the Vented Grimhelm of Reinforcement, in which I’ve inserted a rune to add 5% armor. His torso is protected by the Willful Backless Breastplate of Aggression, shoulders by Aesir’s Vambraces, Ceremonial Knuckledusters for gauntlets, Leggings of Elusion, and Willful Assault Boots (with a rune to increase sword damage) for flying kicks.

I’ve also enacted two charms to “impede the aggression of my targets” (the enemies will melee me less, and I’ve noticed a difference).

Lastly, I’d like to mention that I’ve chosen the skillpath of fire/melee attacks, and I now have a cybernetic spider that detaches himself and becomes a tripmine; enemies get near and he implodes into a fireball. If I’d chosen a more defensive skillpath he could turn himself into a gatling gun turret and mow down enemies.

For the record, I doubt I’ve ever typed so much about a videogame. But I’m trying to intrigue you because I think when the game comes out on the 19th you and I would have a blast playing Coop over Xbox Live against hordes of goblins.

~J to the K

I haven’t yet figured out all the secrets of the Demo, which helps to intrigue me. QT already reserved a copy of the full game for me, so come August 20th you can call me Too JK. 🙂

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