My breakfast typically consists of scrambled eggs and mixed fruit (pineapple, grapes, grapefruit slices, and orange slices). I weigh the eggs and the fruit separately, but I’m tired of guessing the weights of each amount of fruit and don’t have the time to count up each fruit’s calories. This morning I spent a little time at USDA’s Nutrient Database to come up with an average caloric value for my typical fruit combo. So, per 1oz of fruit, Pineapple = 14kcal, Seedless Grapes = 19kcal, Peeled Pink and Red Grapefruit = 12kcal, and Peeled Oranges = 13kcal. That makes my morning fruit mix an average of 15kcal per oz, which I’ll use from now on. woot.

I have a bunch of other stuff to blog about, but my lack of internet at home is cramping my digital style.

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