Glancing at the clock, it looks like I’d better squeeze today’s blog post in while I can. Let’s see…

The cellphone I tweeted about this morning should be back with it’s rightful owner. She was really grateful and said lots of nice things when we talked, and I know it’s cheesy but that made it worth it. There wasn’t much to it, really- pick up a phone, scroll through for the number labeled “Home,” leave a message, then arrange a place to drop off the phone. In this case I simply left it at the train station I found it at, and she was picking it up on her way home. You still get most of the karma even if you’re lazy about it, right?

We played the new “Life” game again tonight. We bought it a little less that a month ago, and we’ve probably played it 15 times, it’s a pretty decent game. After supper, QT worked on a sudoku while I worked (-ish) on stuff in the office.

Oh, and I’ve been tossing around the idea of (yet another) redesign for PlanetJK, but based entirely around WordPress, the blogging software behind the Journal. Consider it pre-conceptual alpha phase.

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