Day 4 started with the Horse Guards ceremony, just off Trafalgar Sq. We posed for some photos with the Guards and then made our way to the parade ground and watched the “night shift” get in formation at 1045. Just before 1100 the “day shift” trotted in from St. James Park and took over the Watch as the bells struck 11. We both enjoyed it a lot, and we got a lot of good photos and 3 good videos. 8 years ago, in December of ’99, I stood on the same parade ground with my Dad and stepmom and watched the Horse Guards ceremony, so it brought back some good memories.

From there it was a short walk down the Mall to Buckingham Palace. We weren’t fully prepared for the number of people that had gathered, so we couldn’t get close to the Palace in time to see the Changing of the Guard, but we were right there along the Mall when they came out of their quarters and marched down the Mall to the Palace, so we got some photos and another cool video. We hung out in the crowd for a bit and took pictures of the Palace, then meandered into St. James Park to check out the wildlife and relax a little.

We ate lunch in the Sherlock Holmes pub (one of many, from what I understand) and then hopped the sightseeing bus down to the Thames for the River Cruise. The cruise was a good time, the only downside being tons of photos which we can’t really describe. We relaxed in the hotel after the cruise, and then tubed to Covent Garden for the evening. We were too late to catch many of the stores open, but we ate outside at a really good Italian cafe in the square and then walked around quite a bit. I found another old haunt, Belushi’s, and we stopped for drinks. They didn’t have the Blues Brothers statues anymore, and the barkeep gave me a weird look when I asked about them, so I’d guess they’ve been gone awhile. We also found a Map Bookstore that had tons of globes and old maps, so we’re going to try to go back.

That was a wrap for Day 4- the rest of the
Day 4 pictures are uploading now.

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