Hola folks… I have the new layout on all public pages sans the blog, photo albums, and the main page. I’ll put it on the main page tonight, so consider yourselves warned.

Also, I downloaded Xenu’s Link Sleuth again today (talk about some oldschool software, I’ve used it for many many years. I was glad to know that the author keeps it semi-updated). I ran it on the whole domain and it found just shy of 1,000 broken links. *sigh* Sometimes I forget just how proprietary MovableType is- when I updated to 3.2, the ‘new’ archive hierarchy when into play. So, now all the folders are different, which means all of my internal links are busted. And, come to think of it, so are my external links. So I need to figure out my plan of attack… I’d hate to have to edit hundreds of blog entries manually.

Also, looking at my ToDo list, I’ve decided to try to split the “PlanetJK ToDo” section into two main sections: 1) Long-term upgrading & aesthetics and 2) Short-term fixes and maintenance. Hopefully that will allow me to focus on one or the other.

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