Hey all. I haven’t blogged about the site lately, so I thought an update was due. I’m feeling motivated after all the vacation time and I’ve mapped out some plans for PlanetJK:

I’m also working on Project BAA for our friend Ray and intend to respond to my friend Barb who asked if I’ll help her photog/ budding entrepreneur friend with a website- it’s an artsy & creative project which is new for me, so I’m stoked to see what I can do. Busy times. I’m also considering a new webhost, Dreamhost. They’re cheaper, seem to be more functional, and definitely seem more DIY-minded, whereas Hostway has been pimping it’s e-business features lately, which do absolutely nil for me.

Also, I’m changing hyperlink strategies. I used to use target=”_pjk” in all HREF tags (hyperlinks) to external sites in an attempt to maintain visitor’s focus on PlanetJK. Now, with the advent of tabbed browsing (ala Firefox, Netscape 7, and soon-to-be but johnny-come-lately Internet Explorer) it’s a pain in the arse to navigate. I’ve learned the error of my ways and I’ll just be using plain links (although I’ll still use AXS to track external links clicked from PlanetJK, to satisfy my ever-childlike curiosity).

I’m writing this from our Toshiba Portege laptop, which has absolutely zero data on the hard drive. 🙂 I have DamnSmallLinux installed on a 2gb pendrive (thumbdrive, flashdrive, jumpdrive, whatever) and booting via a custom boot floppy. w00t. I just wish I had enough *nix experience to be considered for a position at ThinkGeek HQ. I have ThinkGeek on the brain because QT found out that a guy at her bank knows the founder (or, more likely, one of the founders), which only rubs salt in my windows-only wounds. *pathetic sigh* Here’s the confusing part: the guy says he’s not a geek and doesn’t have a home PC, yet he’s a proud owner of a life-size lightsaber from ThinkGeek. Hmm, yea, somebody needs to come out of the comms closet.

Also, I picked up a VoIP FXS gateway with a PTSN lifeline port; I’m downloading Asterisk @ Home and I’m going to attempt to turn the Portege into a home VoIP PBX. Double w00t.

PS: It seems that, in the same instant that I linked to Dreamhost and told the world I was considering them as a webhost, their site went down. Can’t ping or even resolve DNS. That’s a sign if I’ve ever seen one. I’ll have to use netcraft tomorrow and check out their uptime. ‘Night

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