Talk about a loooong day. Just when we thought we’d gotten used to the time change in Cali, we landed in Honolulu this morning 6 hours behind Virginia. All’s well that ends well, though, and today was awesome.

The flight was decent, people-watching and game-playing kept us busy. It was cool to the see the change in wardrobe to casual beachwear as soon as we landed in HI. The check-in for the cruise ship wasn’t too bad, just a series of lines to stand in, one after the other. And everybody’s so damn cheery on the boat you can’t help but think some of them mean it.

Pulling up to the pier in the taxi was awesome- we rounded the corner on a main thoroughfare and WHAM! the horizon was filled with this huge red, white, and blue cruiseliner. I could go into 4 or 5 more pages of cool things, but I’ll try to summarize: this boat is AMAZING. The movie theater seats about 250, and there are 9 restaurants. Plus the bungie trampoline, human gyroscope, 4 jacuzzis, and 2 pools on the top deck. And our room is perfect- we’ve been at sea for 2 hours now and we spent a good 30 minutes just staring over our balcony railing at the dark waves illuminated by the lights from the ship, watching the seagulls dive in and out of our wake. It’s so special for me to be back out at sea again and share it with QT- it was always an experience I missed but couldn’t quite describe; now I don’t have to.

There are some new photos in the Honeymoon Album. We didn’t get too wild and crazy today, as we’ve been up for about 20 hours. And you can be sure that any photos of me dancing in a grass skirt will be explicitly censored, so feel free to check back tomorrow. 🙂

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