Anyone else use LaunchCast by Yahoo? I started using LaunchCast about a week ago and I’m pretty impressed. You start off by picking a few genres and artists to listen to. You rate what you listen to on a scale of 1>100 and they feed you more songs based on how you’ve rated the previous music. The music player itself is a little blinky (at least here at work onWindows NT4 and 2000 with IE5.5) and I’ve had to End Task it quite a few times. I listen to a HUGE range of music, and LaunchCast accomodates it very well. For example the last three songs that LaunchCast have fed me are 1)Fleetwood Mac- Go Your Own Way, 2)Limp Bizkit- Rollin’, and 3)D12- Purple Hills. Now that’s my kinda mix…

There’s just three of us at work tonight. Compared to our usual shift of 6-8 people, 3 is pretty scarce. And, of course, one of the military guys is passed out. Here’s why:

JK: What’s up, did you party too hard last night?
Army Guy: Yeah, something like that.
JK: What’s the occasion?
Army Guy: It was Thursday… duh.

May 2007: Removed dead Yahoo Launch link