I’ve now tried three different WordPress plugins that purportedly integrate Google Plus photos.  No dice, and I’ve wasted 2+ hours on them, so for now I’ll just continue to post links to each day’s Google Plus album.

I started the day on a minibus tour of Iceland’s “Golden Circle,” a particular travel route that visits a lot of great nature spots.  I developed a migraine just after getting on the bus and haven’t completely shaken it 14 hours later, it definitely impacted my day but I still made it work.

We visited the waterfalls at Selfoss, Gulfoss, and Thingvellir, and many geysers (including Geysir, the one for which all others are named!).  We stopped and fed some random Icelandic horses some day old bread, they loved it and were super friendly.  The highlight for me was definitely the visit to Thingvellir; you can literally see and walk over the separation of two tectonic plates, specifically the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. There are also remants of the Allthing, an open-air assembly of all the people of Iceland dating back to 930 and believed to be the first parliamentary model of government.

After the tour I did some gift shopping, rode the local bus back to the neighborhood where my AirBnB room is, grabbed some sushi, and called it a night.  Enjoy the photos, I sure did!

Day 2 Photos: https://plus.google.com/photos/115058875701846606430/album/6165908838967469553?sview=7&authkey=CLqT9p3MzK7J_wE

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