I’ve been a customer and fan of CrowdFavorite before it existed, trying out Alex King’s Tasks software on PlanetJK as my original serious attempt to organize the things to do in my life.

In all my attempts to revamp PlanetJK over the last number of years, I’ve had my eye on their awesome theme, FavePersonal, but wasn’t sure if I could bite the bullet and put money on a theme for a project that tends to lie dormant for years at a time. During this current revamp endeavor though, I noticed it was free! Huzzah!

After installing it I wanted to tweak the colors a bit- honestly I just wanted to use the awesome color wheel tools that CrowdFavorite built in to utilize color schemes from Adobe’s Kuler tool. A few tweaks later I gravely regretted my decisions and wanted to jump back easily to the default schema. Alas, no options were available.

Fast forward, and I had to end up using ColorZilla’s Color Picker for Chrome to snag a close approximation of the original scheme off a screenshot. The FavePersonal demo throws a 404 if you go to the Colors tab, and the original instructions don’t reveal any profiles by the name “FavePersonal” as suggested. I created the close approximation in Kuler under the title “FavePersonal2” if anyone’s interested, but at the time of this writing it doesn’t show up when searching for colors within the FavePersonal WordPress color customization tab, which is unsurprising as I’m sure there needs to be some time allotted for propagation.

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