I practice good OPSEC at home and online with my personal info and haven’t had any identity theft issues until now, so I thought I’d share. I turned on credit monitoring through Experian last year while I went through the condo short sale so I could have a front seat view as my credit took a major dive. Then I haggled with them and got them down to $5/ month and have kept credit monitoring turned on, but I’ve wondered if I needed it.

Last week I got a “Negative Posting Alert” and logged in to find a $7,000 debt collection posted from Verizon Wireless, of whom I’ve never, EVER been a customer. Turns out last November someone used my real SSN, real name, and a Baltimore address to buy a new phone and has racked up thousands of minutes in calls to Jamaica.

I’m fighting it and have opened disputes with both Experian and Verizon, but it’ll take at least 60 days to clear up. And now this Baltimore address is tied to my credit, so I may have more issues. Personally, credit monitoring has been very beneficial for me. YMMV.

One thought on “My experience with Credit Monitoring”

  1. Update: On the same day that I got postal verification from Verizon that they confirmed it wasn’t me, I got digital notification from Experian that my credit score had gone back up to where it was. It took three weeks, which isn’t bad, all things considered.

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