After 5 1/2 weeks on the lam, Billie Jean finally walked into one of the traps and was spotted by a neighbor! We ran her straight to the Vet and she doesn’t have Feline HIV, Leukemia, fleas, or signs of rabies. She’s happy and healthy, albeit much skinnier, but she’s home!

She lost a third of her weight and has to be in a room by herself for 10 days, partially to make sure there are no signs of rabies but also to reintroduce her to Tuna.

We want to give a Huge Thanks to all our neighbors for helping so much, especially to the Front Office employees of our condo for their support. The 4Paws Rescue Team was absolutely amazing with their donations of cages, time, and tips. Visit to give or find a good home for a cat.

More Billie Jean and Tuna pictures…

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