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Update: There have been numerous sightings! She’s still in the complex, usually just a few buildings away. Here’s a table of sightings:

  • 20120314:0430
  • 20120321:0600
  • 20120324:2130
  • 20120328:0900

Our thanks to the awesome people who are helping!

On Wednesday, March 7th, Billie Jean escaped our condo. About an hour after she got out, I spotted her running from one juniper bush to a huge swath of juniper and thorn bushes in our complex, but we couldn’t coax her out or even confirm she was still there.

We put out 3 food dishes that night, and the next morning one of the dishes was pulled into the bush and scarfed clean, which is very much her dining style. We called the amazing 4Paws Rescue Team, from whom we got both Billie Jean and Tuna, and the next evening they came over with two non-harming cat traps which are now placed strategically in the area.

After 5 days and at least one distinctly cold night we decided to widen the search grid and handed out signs to local businesses. The awesome people at ThinkGeek graciously accepted two flyers, one of which was somewhat slyly slipped to a gent that had propped open a door labeled “NOT AN ENTRANCE” with an R2D2 because of the 70-degree weather.

So without further ado, here’s an internet-ready version of the #RescueBillie flyer. Click to get the native PDF, print and hang if you’re in the area, and please retweet and facebook this! Thanks to all the helpful local business and residents who have said nice and hopeful things. And a pox on the few who made snivelly “eww it’s a cat” faces and declined to accept a flyer.


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  1. BTW, I work in the complex with said “gent,” and I have a Tomahawk trap for TNR I can put out and watch if y’all need me to. 🙂

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