A Good Friend and I went down to Arlington National Cemetery for the wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I’ve been in the DC area for nine years now and I’ve never been, probably for emotional buffer reasons.

The ceremony was as powerful as one can expect. We lucked out with a great spot in the crowd, and the Honor Band, Honor Guard, and Color Guard were pretty close to us. At some point all the phones in the crowd came out and we eventually figured out that the POTUS was just through the other side of the crowd.

I took photos, but due to gadget misplacement I only had my cell phone and not an actual camera. I’m still glad I got what I did though, and you can find them here: Veteran’s Day 2011. There’s also a few videos, but they’re crappy cellphone videos with constant wind noises that I probably won’t take the time to edit.

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