Today we’re playing the next session in our D&D campaign. We’ve always had a plan of rotating Dungeon Masters throughout, and @instKamra did a great job getting us started with Keep on the Shadowfell. He also talked me into D&D, for which I’m really grateful- I like to take the ole’ imagination out for a spin from time to time.

AK’s taking over as Dungeon Master, so I wrote a little something to mark the milestone. Seamus McMutton is my Elf Paladin character.

And, Mom, before you call with questions: it’s just a game, trust me. Still call, of course, but I wanted you to know. 🙂

As our adventurers begin to wear out their Hero’s Welcome in Wintervale, Seamus adjusts slightly in his perch above the lake. The ale sits well in his belly but he hasn’t been able shake the notion that something out there… in the cosmos… is different. The feeling has been there for almost a fortnight, nagging at his soul, and finally the ritual prayers to Avandra have provided some insight. Through the twinkling hours of night and into this faerie dawn he sat, meditating, his lips uttering the holy rites almost without his knowing. Then, suddenly, the swirling thoughts of his mind begin to shape as he’s snapped from his trance by an approaching creature- a human, judging by the scent.

“Guthlac- I told you not to disturb me.”

“Yes, Seamus, but I too sense something strange, and you’ve been out here all night. Did you learn anything?”

“I saw… a marionette… leaping flames… and I heard- I heard cackling.”

“Hmm. And what does it mean?”

“The Puppet Master has changed.”

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