We ate a traditional Swiss meal tonight and then went bar-hopping/ sight-seeing along Zurich’s Niederdorfstrasse tonight. It’s almost 2am, we’re back at the hotel (we leave tomorrow), I can’t sleep, and I’m polishing off the last of a Doner Kebab. All of which makes it a good time to pontificate. 🙂

We’re on the juxtaposition of Days 10 & 11 of our 12-day Europe 2010 trip; I only have 5 days of the trip successfully blogged and 6 days cataloged via Photo Albums. The upside is that the reasons are 30% technical issues and 70% lack of time due to doing so many things in Europe. I hope to catch up on the long plane ride home, or within the next week. If I let it wait more than 2 weeks, it may not ever get done, which would really suck.

I could spend time now thumbing through photos and recounting days past of memories, but I really don’t want to. I’d rather fire off a Journal article about the trip in general, “pontificate” a little, and then do random internet things until I get sleepy. I must admit- the lacking availability of random internet things is definitely something I miss. There hasn’t been ONE single public wi-fi hotspot in Germany or Switzerland, despite > 3 dozen attempts over 9 days. I keep jokingly telling QT that “free public wi-fi could take this country by storm- BY STORM!” but I know the reasons are rooted in local culture as well as technical and legal limitations.

This trip to Europe has rekindled my interest and appreciation of… well, basic humanity. To continue to babble on about the trip has the potential to undermine it’s value, because it’s an experience, and not just some online blog article.

Gute Nacht.

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