I’m marking this post for future publishing because I need to catalog today’s events for posterity. Hopefully the timeline works out in the end.

Today was our prescheduled day for a day trip within decent range of Stuttgart. M33p suggested Garmisch, and after a little research I agreed- I’ve been hoping to see more of the mountains.

We left around 1000, went through München, and arrived on the outskirts of Garmisch around 1300. The drive was gorgeous, which is reflected in the photo album for Day 7.

Garmisch was impressively quaint yet accessible- we parked on one of the main streets, found a nice cafe for lunch, and walked around a bit before driving to Partnach gorge. The Gorge was amazing, and we took a cable car to an Alpine Hotel towards the top..

The trip home, topping out at 135mph thanks to M33p’s driving skills and bravado, was amazing. We ended up getting back later than expected, so M33p suggested Greek food and beer, and a good time was had by all. It’s after midnight and I still haven’t posted photos- time to sign off. Tomorrow is shopping + more of downtown Stuttgart, but M33p has to work so we’re on our own with our lacking German language skillz. Wish us luck.

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