I put the Day 3 photos up last night but I’m just now getting around to the Journal article. I don’t have the photos captioned yet, but that’ll happen eventually.

On Day 3 we spent a lot of time walking around Den Haag and also snuck in a canal tour through Amsterdam. The history of The Hague is great, and I’ll be looking for some literature when I get back.

The canal tour was pretty nice, but after a bit you get the “yeah, yeah, we saw this already” feeling, which isn’t accurate or fair but comes with the territory for guided tours. On the tour we passed the Anne Frank house, a 16th century house (1578 I believe, the oldest in Amsterdam), and some amazing houseboats. Apparently the boats are “fairly cheap” at €100,000 but the spots can cost between €300,000 – €400,000. I don’t care what the dollar > euro conversion rate is, that’s a lot of money.

We ended the evening with some more walking around and sampling fares at brewpubs and Dutch cafes. We played cards (Milles Borne) in the square and later at a pub, it was a nice way to pass the time and watch the crowds.

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