The last weekend in March I’m going to PAX East 2010 in Boston with a couple of buddies (one of whom is our D&D Dungeon Master, to point out the meta geek factor). I’m über excited- not only have I never attended anything like this before, I’m glad to be taking a trip with friends to do something we want to do. QT is awesome, between supporting my overall geekiness and joining me in Xbox games frequently, but PAX is definitely not her scene.

One buddy pretty much planned the whole trip, from travel research to hotel arrangements, and the other has been researching quality food and beverage resources. So, when I saw the schedule and instantly wished it was in a more ingestable and collaborative format, I realized I could help out the crew by creating said format. Don’t get me wrong, the original schedule is sufficient and fits with the theme of the site. And I don’t doubt that the packet will contain awesome goodies to include a handier version of the schedule. But the packet is still 2+ weeks away and my logic-based, auto-collating geek brain needs a way to figure out what events overlap, minimal travel distance between events, and then synchronize that with the needs of the other two peeps at the convention.

Blah blah blah, I need to remember that this Journal article is singular in purpose: to provide a spreadsheet version of the PAX East 2010 schedule. Are there a gazillion other people doing the same thing? Probably. Could it look better and have more information? Definitely. But if it helps our crew, perhaps it can help someone else.

Here it is in all the formats available to me through Google Docs:
[Original] [Extra Crispy] [HTML] [CSV] [TXT] [PDF] [XLS] [ODS] [ATOM] [RSS]

Enjoy! And PS, this is definitely a rarely-visited blog- my Mom is probably my most-frequent reader (thanks Mom!). If this helps you out, a comment would be awesome.

Wanted: A better way to collaborate multiple attendees’ desired events; something Web 2.0 would be awesome. Any ideas?

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