Dear PlanetJK,

This will be brief, there’s still a lot to do before your big day. I have something to confess, and I’m almost ashamed to bring it up.

You see, tonight I realized I’ve never… ever… celebrated or even remotely acknowledged your birthday. And you turn 9, tomorrow! I’ve brain-farted 8 of your birthdays- what kind of monster am I?

Sure, sure, I was there for your birth. I was there for your first steps into cyberspace. I beamed when you first uttered, “HTTP/1.1 200 OK.” I’ve tried to nurture you, and teach you the difference between good packets and bad. Yet, somehow, I’ve never once remembered to celebrate your birthday- no cards, no cake, not even a ping.

I know it won’t make up for 8 years of my ineptitude, but this year you’re finally going to have a birthday party. No, I’m not going to go into any more details, the rest is a surprise. And guess what? When you wake up tomorrow, you’ll be 9 years old!

Oh, and PlanetJK? You act like one too. 🙂 G’night buddy.

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