… there’s lots to do.

I woke up at 0400 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Around 0500 I cranked up the Too Human demo and got my game one. W00t! I’m honestly considering it for the next Xbox 360 purchase, I really enjoy the mix of mythology, cybernetics, first person shooter, swordplay, and RPG aspects.

Now that I’ve played my heart out, I’m going to work on the forum for our Kickball division, do some maintenance on my Ubuntu PC, and hopefully do some maintenance on PlanetJK. Oh, and I’ll be updating my TweetWhatYouEat and Traineo fitness profiles first.

Hopefully I can snag another two or three hours of sleep before I go play kickball this afternoon.

P.S.: Discovery Channel’s “I Love This World” commercial is awesome. 🙂
[via Darran]

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