My blogging has declined in the last few weeks, so I’m kickstarting myself with a pledge for 7 articles in 7 days. Wish me luck. I really want to post an Independence Day Thank You to the members of our Armed Services, belated or not.

Speaking of Armed Services members, we had a good Fourth of July at a coworkers’ house. He’s a former Marine (but a good guy nonetheless… just kidding, Marines) and we had some long talks about what it means to serve your country and how one deals with it after they’ve served their time. We worked on his ’82 Jeep Scrambler a bit (he worked, I told jokes), played washers in his driveway, consumed some alcohol-laden beverages, grilled burgers and hot dogs, goofed around with their three dogs, and had an all-around good time.

In other Fourth of July news, the family back home had a reunion. I haven’t called to get an attendance number yet, but I was able to finish getting all the materials for the Family Tree program together in time and I’m hoping that some good came out of it.

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