This’ll be a quick post, in an attempt to summarize my harried weekend. On Friday I got invited to join a WAKA Kickball League in DC. We played Saturday on the National Mall not far from the Monument. For a guy that lives in the DC Metropolitan area but doesn’t visit DC much, it was kind of cool. At first I was thinking the Founding Fathers would probably roll in their metaphorical graves to know how the Mall was being used, but after a little more thought I’ve decided that a game of kickball aligns quite well with their intentions of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness (this one, not this one).

Of course it turns out that, while the kickball game is taken semi-seriously, the flipcup matches at the requisite bar after the game are much more crucial. We won the kickball game by a technical default and lost the flipcup match. QT went to the game as a spectator and got recruited to the kickball team at the last minute, but she played well and enjoyed herself. Actually, we both had a blast, although we partied pretty hard; Sunday was indeed all about recovery.

I got a response from Geni about the issues I experienced while uploading my GEDCOM file to their genealogy site. Supposedly there’s a death event associated with my name in the GEDCOM file (creepy, eh?), but I haven’t had time to verify. I’ll attempt the upload again in the next couple days, and I’ll post an update here in the Journal regardless of the outcome.

The other blog-worthy topic of the weekend is the fact that I have friends that are awesome enough to volunteer their time and expertise to replace all four brakes on my car, ending the minor (and then major) screeching I was hearing. Uncoincidentally, these friends are the same ones that put us up for the night when lightning triggered our complex-wide fire alarm for 2+ hours in early June. It’s a damn good feeling to have made a friend worthy of inventing a word like uncoincidentally.

In closing, I just want to say that it sucks when it takes 10 minutes to write a Journal article and then 50 minutes to track down and verify the necessary links for that article. Oh, and I’ve updated my Traineo profile and Tweetwhatyoueat profile after almost a month of dormancy. And in an attempt to stem the weight gain mostly brought on by the partying after this weekend’s kickball, tonight QT and I jogged/ran a mile tonight after work. I know it’s not much, but compared to zero (aka 0) it’s not too shabby.

That’s it for now.

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