I now realize that when I make pledges to blog more often, I should focus on increasing the frequency of personally-related articles, instead of just website-related articles. Even if I just focus on non-website-related articles, it should make for a better overall read. I doubt that anyone is as interested in news related to PlanetJK.com like I am (which I guess is the point for having the website in the first place).

So, to help kick off what I hope to be a spurt of slightly more interesting Journal articles, I’m going to try to blog about my attempts at weight loss and overall fitness. To that end, I’ve created a [new] traineo profile and flagged these two Lifehacker articles for perusing during the day tomorrow: 1) Drink This, Not That to Stay Healthy and 2) Less Junky Alternatives to Popular Junk Food. If I automagically find myself with spare time I might even check out the open-source, free, Windows/ Mac/ Linux program CRON-O-meter, for assistance with tracking details and creating sparkly, shiny, blog-friendly graphs. 🙂 Whew; do run-on sentences count as physical exertion?

Over the last three or four months I’ve lost about 22lbs just by improving what and how much I eat and drink. That progress has bottomed out, presumably because I haven’t been doing any additional physical activities. After coming back from our nephew’s birthday party (of which I hope to post photos and a blog entry soon) I gained about 5lbs, and I figure this is just as good a time as any to start some kind of physical routine. I realize it’s not totally accurate to fully or partially attribute the weight gain to the birthday party, but like I said this is just as good a time as any. Heck, on the contrary: if anyone markets a workout video line based on hosting birthday parties for 7 year olds, I’m claiming my royalties now. Wish me luck.


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