We’re back online at home. Whew. We lost our cable modem (RIP RCA DCM315R) and DVR to lightning almost two weeks ago. We were already scheduled to get FiOS, so we held out getting the old Cox Cable service restored in lieu of the FiOS. Okay, that’s not completely true, but the initial service call by Cox indicated bigger problems and would have taken more appointments to resolve, so it just made sense to wait for FiOS.

We got the standard triple threat package from Verizon. So far, the DVR and TV have been impressive, and the data is running strong (Download Speed: 5016 kbps / Upload Speed: 2023 kbps per speakeasy).

Instead of succumbing to my inner desire and trying to blog about the last two weeks, I’ll close with this:

  • the home network is back up, fully patched, and running- woot
  • I made a few backend upgrades for JK’s Journal
  • I’ll be updating my fitness profiles at Traineo and TweetWhatYouEat later tonight

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