Originally we were going with some friends to Point Pleasant in Jersey for Memorial Day weekend, but it also turned out to be a good time for QT to get a minor medical procedure, so we’re hanging out in the area instead. The procedure was this morning and went smoothly; they found a few minor issues, but overall we’re happy to understand what’s been going on and even happier to have a solid treatment mapped out.

We’re going to relax around the house today (natch). While she’s napping, I’m setting up my father-in-law’s laptop with Windows XP and knocking out some other digital chores. One of the first security updates that the laptop wanted was XP ServicePack 3; I’d forgotten it was out, so I looked up a few reviews and decided to press on with the install. I hope it’s stable enough, but this is Microsoft we’re talking about…

In totally unrelated news, last night I played the Xbox360 demo for the recently-released Penny Arcade game, On the Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 1, and was fairly impressed. I’ve never been a huge RPG fan, but the graphics are a nice 2D/3D mix and the humor is top-notch. Not kid-friendly, but Penny Arcade never has been and doesn’t claim to be. One of the trailers mentioned that the game is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, AND Xbox360, so I’m hoping to try the demo on Ubuntu (Linux) soon. 🙂

Viva la Four-Day Weekend!
from icanhascheezburger

P.S.: Yes, for those of you paying attention, this article is backdated to this morning, when I wrote it. I wanted to let QT weigh in on whether or not I was oversharing about her procedure, and I just got a green light; all systems go.

P.P.S: I wish someone would make a plugin for WordPress that resembled The Big Red Button and did an animated T MINUS countdown when I published an article. Bonus points for AllYourBase audio clips.

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