For the past 10 days or so I’ve been uploading, deleting, and testing out new themes for the Journal. I need something more lightweight- the current theme is bogging things down a bit too much, and I’m too lazy to tweak it.

As I see it, the challenge is being able to make some sort of consistent and informed decision about the themes. In theory, anything’s better than loading a theme and then clicking around in it to try to “feel it out.” So I installed Firebug and YSlow, loaded various themes from the WordPress Admin panel, ran Performance reports in YSlow, then printed them to PDF for archival.

So far I’ve tested five themes, with no template or plug-in modifications. Here are their YSlow performance scores:

So far ‘TBS- Blue Theme’ seems to be the best aesthetics/ performance combo- I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep looking around. My testing process isn’t without its faults, but it fits my schedule and provides at least a semi-objective comparison.

* source page is defunct at time of posting

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