I logged into my personal To-do List tonight (I use Tasks, by Alex King/ Crowd Favorite) and saw rows and rows of duplicate copies of a recurring task that I tried to create in Tasks last night. It involves setting up a cron job with my webhost, which is essentially a way of configuring a script to run X times every Y hours.

In this case I was attempting to create a recurring task that repeated itself every three days, from now until 2009. When I logged in I noticed that exact same task scheduled every three days, but starting in the year 1902. I closed the window before it increased what I presume to be the problem exponentially, but my offhand guess would be that it’s tried to create an instance of itself every three days, between 1902 and 2009. And since (2009 – 1902) * 365 / 3 = 13018.3, I’m guessing that my database server has been, umm, a little busy creating mySQL entries.

Wish me luck, I’m hoping to get it fixed tonight.

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