Last night I installed and partially tweaked a new Journal theme, as you can see. It’s less graphic- and CSS-intensive and should load quicker. So far I’ve edited the header image (here’s how it used to look) and added the necessary widgets. I still need edit the footer, add a plugin for mobile browsing, and finish tweaking the layout. I might even add a few graphics to the header, who knows.

Migrating from a non-widget layout was more challenging than I anticipated. I tried using plugins designed for testing themes, but they didn’t let me configure as much as I needed to, so I resorted to testing on the live site. Good thing I don’t really have readers, eh?

Anyway, the purpose of this post was to formally announce the new theme but caveat it with Beta status. I hope to have it 100% tweaked and configured by this time next month. Yes, I said a whole month; it’s obvious I don’t meet website deadlines as quick as I think I can.

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