I already mentioned that I’m trying out a new Journal theme this weekend; the brunt of that work will happen tonight and tomorrow. The resurgence in Journal utilization has made it obvious that I need to speed things up a bit, and while it could be my database or hosting plan that’s bogging things down, I’m going to try lightening the load with a new Journal theme.

The dilemma has been figuring out a way to test drive and configure a new theme without adversely affecting the functionality of the current theme. The WordPress Codex recommends creating an offline “sandbox” version of the theme, but at first glance it’s pretty labor-intensive and only useful for general layout and aesthetic purposes. I need a solution that lets me handle content placement as well as layout, so tonight I’m going to try some new WordPress plugins: Theme Tester and Theme Test Drive.

Oh, and big ups to Wil Wheaton’s twitter stream, which reminded me that the Phoenix Lander touched down on Mars today. 🙂 Methinks it’s a good time to be a geek.

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