I’m home from work earlier than anticipated, and last night was my first full-night’s sleep in a while, so I’m feeling spunky. 🙂 I turned on all the computers in the office and fired up krdc on my Ubuntu box, so I’m remoting into three different boxes at the moment. I’m looking through my Mission Queue on PMOG, playing with three new Ubuntu-specific Firefox extensions, updating my personal To-do list, watching Wil Wheaton’s tweets fly by thanks to Twitterfox, and adding security updates to a laptop running Linux Mint. Oh, and I’m playing MC Frontalot’s nerdcore hip-hop album, Nerdcore Rising, on our Xbox360 (not via remote desktop, unfortunately). Short of a D&D tournament, I don’t think I could possibly get geekier right now.

Oh, and I uploaded a fresh list of the Firefox extensions I’m using at home.

P.S.: It annoys me that it takes me thrice as long to find and include links in my Journal articles than it does to write the article. But that’s partly because my Internet ADD is pretty severe, which I’ve suffered from for years and documented as early as 2005.

P.P.S.: I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend MC Front’s Fresh Dog, free (legally free, even!) from his website. He has tons of songs that are downloadable for free.

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