I know that surges in geeky projects beget surges in geeky problems, I just didn’t expect it so soon. Tonight I’ve had Thunderbird issues and Firefox issues. It sorta made sense, though: as of tonight I believe I’m actively using the most Firefox addons ever. The latest, twitterfox, definitely caused an issue- I had to kill it’s pid a few times. But it might not be twitterfox’s fault- I also use SessionManager, which I suspect was clashing with twitterfox’s initial attempts to login.

But then I hopped onto QT’s Windows XP box and Firefox (without any new addons) was having the same issues with the same URL’s: one here on PlanetJK, and another on woot. *sigh*

Anyway- I’m out of geek time for the night, I’m hoping for good sleep tonight.

PS: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that WordPress 2.5, which I recently installed here on JK’s Journal, returns a blank page in my Ubuntu 7.10 Firefox when I Save a post? LOL

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