Well, crud: I just realized that I completely neglected to post a Journal article yesterday, fouling my “1 post a day for 10 days” promise. I have a partial excuse, though- I grabbed some beers after work with a coworker in Arlington. It was a good time, I don’t hang out often enough with friends.

The main reason I wanted to blog today was to brag about my incredibly awesome wife. She had an appointment with her diabetes doctor today and learned that her A1C for the last 3 months is the best it’s been- her whole life. How cool is that? You can read all about glycosylated hemoglobin until your eyes bleed (what’s that? it’s already too late? 🙂 ) on the web- try Wikipedia or ADA. In my tiny little head I consider it a 3-month snapshot of how her blood sugar has been, overall.

In fact, just as I was skimming those articles, I noted that her A1C results today are also within the ADA-recommended range for diabetics. :mrgreen: Way to go, baby.

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