Day 6, Friday, was partly a day of rest; we had some trouble sleeping and stayed in the hotel a little more than we would have liked. We took the Tube to Oxford Circus and crowd-surfed our way down Oxford Street towards Marble Arch. We stopped in a few shops and made sure to check out the mall at Bond St Station. From there we made our way down to the building where I used to work when I was stationed in London. The command has been closed for quite a few years, and I’m not sure what’s in it now (we couldn’t get in), but the restaurants across the street that I used to frequent were mostly the same. We couldn’t see much of the US Embassy, which is also across the street, due to the “security features” in place.

We saw a little of Hyde Park, grabbed a late lunch, then headed back to the hotel to rest. In the evening we checked out some clubs; first was Yates’ in Leicester Sq, then RoadHouse in Covent Garden. We intended to close out the night at Belushi’s in Covent Garden, but they closed earlier than we expected, so we hopped a ride on a “city bike” (three-wheeled human-powered taxi bike), which was a blast, back to Leicester Sq and tried to catch the Tube back to the hotel. Unfortunately the Tube closed earlier than we expected as well (bad research on my part, all around) so we had to cab it back.

Day 7, Saturday, was another partial day of rest. Of course, we did go out clubbing the night before, so we’re partly to blame. We found a launderette (laundromat) and did a big load of laundry, which helps us pack light- we each have one big piece of luggage to check and one backpack for carry-on. And (so far) it doesn’t seem we forgot anything at home. While the laundry was percolating QT snuck off to a shopping area (surprise!!) in Holland Park and bought some some club-worthy boots (double surprise!! 🙂 ) that were more comfortable than the ones she had.

We tubed into Leicester Sq in time to check the half-price ticket booth for cheap theater tickets, but it turns out they only sell same-day tickets; we’ll check them out next week when we get back to London. We had supper at Wagamama’s, an urban Japanese restaurant with community seating. It was a new experience for QT and a rare one for me, and we both enjoyed the yakisoba and dumplings. I told her later that half the dumplings she liked were stuffed with tiger prawns (shrimp); she made a face but it was tough for her to deny that she liked them. 🙂 Sneaky, huh? After Wagamama’s we meandered over to Covent Garden and grabbed a few drinks at Belushi’s. Then, on an earlier suggestion from the guy running the launderette, we hopped a cab to Fabric, a club in the West End. It was HUGE and had at least 3 sections with different DJ’s and music, but the £16 cover charge (per person) was ridiculous.

I’m posting this article via the WiFi on the train to Scotland; check back for details and photos in the next few days.

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