So far my Ubuntu experience has been pretty good. So far I’d give it 8 out of 10 stars with an expectation to hit 9 out of 10 when I RTFM a little more.

In a little less than a week I’ve managed to:

  • Find a text editor with syntax highlighting for working with PHP, HTML, and CSS files (Geany)
  • Install remote desktop for controlling QT’s PC without having to move my lazy arse the 4 feet across the office (krdc)
  • Copy all the data from my backup drive over successfully
  • Install a p2p client and download some tunes (gtk-gnutella)
  • Configure music software for mp3 management and playing (Amarok)
  • Configure an e-mail client with my e-mail accounts [all 7 of them] to include 3 years of e-mail backups and my address book (Thunderbird with almost perfect instructions from Migrating from Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux)
  • Configure my browser to do all the same stuff it used to on XP, if not more (Firefox, duh)

Not bad for less than a week with Linux, huh?

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