These past few weeks I’ve been dumping a lot of time into Novus, which is the latest redesign of and will encompass a host switch from Hostway to Dreamhost. When I go into intense web-design phases like this one, there’s always a voice in the back of my head asking me: “Why the hell do you continue to go to tons of trouble finding, installing, configuring, testing, and tweaking various scripts for PlanetJK when the same functionality can be had at any number of free Web2.0 websites?”

Why roll my own photo albums when there’s Flickr? Why fret at the troubles caused by MovableType when TypePad and Blogger accounts are free? Why pine away for a Review system when social bookmarking is making it easier for the world to find out the quality of just about everything, before and after they purchase?

The recent Yahoo / Flickr hullabaloo has reminded me why I put in all the time setting up separate scripts- at the end of the day, it’s all mine and doesn’t reside on some corporations’ servers, residing under a 74 page legalese-filled Term of Service. Granted, it also means that all the problems and downtimes associated with rolling my own are on my shoulders, too, but I prefer it that way. So Nyah.

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