I just realized I’m currently doing super-hyper-multi-tasking. Check this out… Right now, on my PC in the office at home, I’m doing the following:

In Firefox:

  • Viewing the new prototype version of JK’s Journal
  • Logged into DreamHost’s Panel, for any of the administration of the four prototype domains I’m currently using
  • Writing this blog post
  • Viewing instructions on upgrading WordPress
  • Viewing instructions on backing up my WordPress before upgrading
  • Logged into phpMyAdmin for the domain hosting the prototype version of JK’s Journal
  • Reading the php manual page on strftime
  • Viewing John Legends’ Billboard.com artist page
  • Googling Akil Dasan
  • Shopping for De La Soul’s album De La Soul is Dead on Amazon
  • Listening to “Made Like That” by the Audio Bullys on Pandora

Other Apps:

  • Browsing through archived backups of the prototype version of JK’s Journal on the hard drive
  • Running SmartFTP to assist with upgrading WordPress to 2.1 on the prototype version of JK’s Journal
  • Downloading De La Soul, LL Cool J, Kool Keith, Young MC, Dilated Peoples, Craig Mack, and D4L on LimeWire (the legal versions, of course)

Whew… I guess I have my night cut out for me. đŸ™‚ I’d like to be able to quaintly pass the “What’s Up On Your PC?” question out to my widespread but tightly-woven web of blogging superstars, but, well… it’s just me and Vice. And Vice, today marks exactly one year and six days since your last blog post… Not that I have much room to talk.

July 2007: Updated “De La Soul is Dead” link

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