When I was little (say, 9- 12) I kept a notebook of “THINGS TO NEVER DO TO YOUR KIDS.” Now, for you macabre types out there, I’m not talking about John Michael Karr kind of stuff. The few things I can remember are:

  • Don’t ever tell me the truth about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.
  • Don’t let other adults talk to me in that “woobie woobie” baby voice when I’m 12- it’s weird.

Unfortunately, that notebook got lost somewhere along the way. Every couple of months something makes me think about that notebook, and it’s earned a place on my short list of Things I Wish I Still Had From My Childhood. I think it would truly offer insight into the mind of a child; because, struggle as I might, I feel my childishness slipping away. *sniffle*

Reading the Dilbert Blog today, I ran across something I want to share with my kid(s) someday:
“But when you’re 25, you are filled with curiosity about your own future. Will you become a captain of industry or will you drown in your own vomit? There are so many options. But the only thing you really need to know in advance is whether you will someday run for public office. If that’s an option, you don’t want any of your orifices to be involved in anything you wouldn’t tell your mother.”

Of course, I’ll wait until they’re older…

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