This past weekend we took a road trip with Metgan and her brother MC ‘H’ to Jersey to take part in our friends Elite & Rich’s wedding. The wedding was a blast- Elite was a beautiful bride, Rich was pimpin’, and everyone had a good time. Of course, one might suggest that a few of us had too good a time, but it’s been 3 days, I think everyone’s recovered. 🙂

Anyway, this blog post serves two purposes:
1) We only got a few pics at their wedding but I posted them in their own photo album. Check out “Elite & Rich’s Wedding” (May 2007: Link to photo albums removed).

2) Posting Elite & Rich’s photos have finally shamed me into opening up the album from our own wedding to the public. It’s been created for months, and I’ve been sliding a few photos here and there into it, but yesterday and today I uploaded about 15 more photos, put comments on everything, and changed the permissions so that everyone else can see them. Check out “QT & JK’s Wedding” (May 2007: Link to photo albums removed).

Enjoy, and feel free to comment on the photos.

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