I certainly haven’t been blogging 10 minutes daily. My fault, but I’m working on it.

I still owe my homework that was due yesterday; oops. The dishwasher at home is in need of repair; we pulled it all out on Monday, but I have to start pulling hoses off today. Wish me enough luck that I avoid a bath in tepid dishwater & food chunks. Better yet, pray for me. Seriously.

I still owe my Mom and the rest of the family some Easter phone calls. I suck at keeping in touch. I don’t even keep in touch with my homie/ cousin, Jerry. I don’t know what it is, I get stuck in a bubble and only deal with what’s around me. It’s frustrating, but I guess I shouldn’t complain- I’m the problem AND the solution, so…

The new job is going well. It’s different to be in a slower-paced environment; if I start feeling the urge for something faster-paced I hope to just fill in the gaps with extra projects. We’ll see.

PlanetJK needs work- I haven’t touched it in months. *sigh*

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