Well, logic (as flawed as ever, of course) suggests that if I can’t contort my schedule and thoughts into daily but succinct bouts of blogging genius (did I mention flawed?), maybe something else needs to budge. So, I’m experimenting with creating drafts of posts when I think of something that I want to blog about but don’t have time to “finish the thought.” This is the first of such posts.

My cousin Jerry (heretofore referred to as Jeztar) and I are keeping in touch again (thanks to him) and he may have come up with a project for us to collaborate on. I’m stoked. 🙂 I’m also going to play around with Second Life again and get a feel for the MMOG world again.

I really need to get back into keeping PlanetJK updated. Whoa is me, blah blah blah, but it kills me that something I really enjoy winds up as one of the last things on my plate. But I’m a victim of my own thought process- I start working on something and a new idea pops into my head and I spend 17 hours and 43 minutes trying to run down this new idea that, as it turns out, isn’t necessarily applicable. I guess I’m hooked on the brainstorming, I dunno.

Hmm, I wonder how Vice is doing? I haven’t seen his blog pop up on my blogroll lately, I’ll have to hit him up and see how he’s doing.

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