I had the windows down in the car after work today, and while I was stopped at a light I heard what I thought was a radio coming from a car next to me. I looked around and none of the cars had their windows down (damn freon freaks- nothing wrong with our fresh metropolitan smog air!), so my eyes settled on the big cruiser-style bike next to me. I looked closer and noticed that the bastard had a TV installed in the console, I think he was watching CNN or something.

Speaking of transportation… Did I mention that I got my very first speeding ticket yesterday? Pshaw. Why is that cops can jump out in front of traffic (on a 55mph two-lane parkway) and wave down traffic?? The guy literally played lifesize Frogger to get to me, and then Froggered his way back across.

I started tracking down a campsite for our campling trip coming up in a few weeks. We’re staying two nights; Metgan and her brother should be camping with us, too, so it should be a good time. S’mores, mmm.

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